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Docman Licence Manager

Ref: DM-LMAN01

Licence Manager controls and displays the licensing details for your Docman software. This includes the annual maintenance expiry date, number of Docman client licences and number of Intellisense licences.

New Docman client or Intellisense licences can be purchased by surgeries at any time. Once the purchase has been made and Docman's records updated, your Docman system acquires the licence overnight as part of the automated backup and system check. Docman maintenance expiry dates are also synchronised during the backup.

There are a number of reasons why a surgery may wish to run the check themselves during surgery hours; a backup issue may have prevented the Licence Manager from updating, or they may need to update the licence list immediately without waiting for the overnight backup. This is possible by accessing the Licence Manager module.

Accessing Licence Manager

Licence Manager is in the Docman Administration module.

Select Licence Manager.

The Licence Manager module opens.

Licence Manager

Of the entries displayed under Licence Manager, the three major entries are:

Workstations: This displays the number of workstation client licences your site holds. Note that this is the overall number of licences, regardless of whether they are allocated to a workstation or not.

Intellisense: This displays the number of Intellisense licences your site holds. Like the Workstations count, this displays the overall number of licences regardless of whether they are allocated to a workstation or not.

Renew Maintenance: This displays the expiry date of your Docman maintenance contract.

The procedure for updating your number of workstation licences, Intellisense licences and your maintenance renewal date is the same; once the purchase or renewal has been confirmed by PCTI Solutions, highlight the relevant entry in Licence Manager and click the Auto License and Renew button on the bottom left.

In this example the surgery has purchased an additional Docman client licence. To activate this extra licence, highlight the Workstations entry and click Auto License and Renew.

The number of workstations changes increases to reflect the added licence.

The same process of highlighting and clicking Auto License and Renew can be followed with the Intellisense or Renew Maintenance entries.

After the licence has been added, further action may be required:

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