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Maintenance options for Docman data sections Activation options for  BackOffice Apps Add, edit or delete Docman Filing Templates Add, edit or delete Intellisense Templates Add, edit or delete Filing Lists or List Items that are used in Filing Templates Add or delete Read Codes from the selection list that appears at the end of the filing process Add, edit or delete Docman Document Folders Add, edit or delete Workflow Recipient Groups Add, edit or delete Workflow Comments Add, Edit or Delete Workflow Actions Add, edit or deactivate Workflow Templates Add, edit or delete Quick Steps (iWorkflow only) Add, edit or delete Workflow Views Add or delete Read Codes from the selection  list that appears in Summariser Add or delete units for values recorded in certain Read Codes Add, edit or delete document Stamp annotations Add, edit or delete Predefined Messages Add, edit or deactivate Docman User Accounts - this includes setting permissions, unlocking accounts and resetting passwords Close the Maintain Lists screen Close the Maintain Lists screen Section configuration for the Address Book Section configuration for Docman patient records Section configuration for the Secured and Surgery Documents (pre-Library non-patient sections) Add a data section to Docman Edit the selected data section - please note, editing sections is not recommended unless advised by a member of Docman

Maintain Lists

Maintain Lists contains the maintenance options for Docman. From here it is possible to add, edit or delete a number of settings, including user accounts, filing templates and workflow actions and quick steps.

The Maintain Lists section is split into a number of categories, which are all displayed on the left-hand side of the window. By default, the Sections category is selected.

Hover over a category on the image below to learn more. Click on a category or option for more information.

The Sections category is selected by default when Maintain Lists opens. The Sections category displays a list of the data sections stored in Docman. This includes the Address Book and the Patient sections.

Secured and Surgery Documents may also be listed under Sections.  However, these non-patient sections were replaced by Library, and therefore might not appear in the Sections list.

Note: It is not recommended to alter any settings under the Sections category. Manually editing or removing a section could result in data loss.

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