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Moving Intellisense to Another Workstation

Ref: DM-MIN01


Intellisense provides sites with a quicker and easier method of filing, by converting the document to plain text and then identifying keywords related to pre-defined templates.

An Intellisense licence is assigned to one specific workstation in the surgery. If this workstation is removed or replaced, Intellisense must be transferred to an alternative workstation for the site to continue using it. This guide is intended to walk you through the process of removing the Intellisense licence from one workstation and transferring it to another.

This process involves use of the Docman System Administration module, so you will require the generic Docman ADMIN account or another user account with Administration module access.

Note: Intellisense installs additional components referred to as Omnipage. Depending on your system configuration, you may be using Omnipage 12 or Omnipage 16.

Omnipage 12 is now obsolete and no longer distributed. If you are using Omnipage 12, you will need to contact PCTI to organise an 'uplift' to Omnipage 16.

You can tell which version of Omnipage you are using by going onto a current Intellisense PC, going into the Start Menu and Control Panel, Programs & Features, and searching for the Omnipage install.

The Intellisense Licence

Docman's licences are assigned based on your workstation’s hostname. If your workstation’s hostname changes due to a reformat or replacement, Docman will interpret the new hostname as a separate workstation. Since the Intellisense licence is assigned to the original hostname, Intellisense will not appear as an option on the new workstation.

If the original Intellisense workstation is being removed from the network, then the easiest way to transfer the Intellisense licence to another workstation is by using the same hostname on the new workstation. Since Docman licences are assigned to hostnames, all Docman attributes assigned to the old workstation will transfer to the new workstation.

If this is not possible, the licence can be transferred to the new workstation name. To transfer the licence to another workstation, we need to access the Docman Administration module.

Docman System Administration

The workstation licences are listed under the Configure Workstations section of the Docman System Administration module. You can access the Administration module from any Docman workstation with a Docman client licence.

Select Configure Workstations from the Administration module main menu.

The workstation list opens and presents you with a table of all licensed Docman client workstations.

You are also given a number of options on the bottom of the Workstations window.

Workstations that currently have an Intellisense licence have a Yes in the IS column.

If the site only has one Intellisense licence, skip to Transferring The Intellisense Licence. If there are multiple Intellisense workstations, you need to identify which of the multiple Intellisense workstations you need to remove Intellisense from. This can be done using the details provided in the rest of the Workstation Configuration:

Name displays the hostname of each workstation. Docman assigns licences based on the workstation’s hostname. The hardware or network provider usually sets the hostname; therefore, it may not be an effective way to identify the workstation.

Description is a user-defined field that allows you to add a brief description of the workstation – usually the location or the usual user. This makes each workstation easy to identify.

The Registered date tells you when the workstation first logged into Docman.

Logged In tells you the currently logged-in user, if any. It appears blank if no user is currently logged in.

Last Login tells you the last date that each workstation used Docman. If a workstation’s name changes due to a reformat or replacement and the old name is not removed from the list, this redundant workstation still holds a licence. This is a useful identification tool; a workstation with a last login date six months ago is most likely a redundant workstation, and you can safely remove it to make way for a new workstation.

The Scanning column can be used to identify workstations with scanners attached. Most surgeries have the Scanning and Intellisense attributes on the same workstations.

Transferring the Intellisense Licence

Once you have identified the workstation you wish to move Intellisense from, highlight the workstation. If the workstation is being removed completely, click Delete to remove the workstation from the list. If the workstation is staying on-site as a non-Intellisense workstation, click the Intellisense button to remove the Intellisense licence from the workstation but retain the client licence.

Using the same list of details, identify the workstation you wish to move Intellisense onto. Highlight the new Intellisense workstation and click the Intellisense button to transfer the Intellisense licence to this workstation.

Note: Keep in mind that you must have logged into Docman on the new workstation before it will appear in the workstation licence list.

Logging In

When the Intellisense licence has been transferred, log into Docman on the new Intellisense workstation.

Docman detects the Intellisense licence and checks for Omnipage 16, additional components that Intellisense requires. If this is not installed, Docman begins the install process automatically.

The transfer of Intellisense is now complete.

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