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Adding a Keyword to a Template

Ref: DM-ISKM01

Keywords can be added to Intellisense Templates through Maintain Lists.

Click Intellisense Templates to open the list of Intellisense templates.

Double clicking a template presents the template configuration. It is possible to edit an existing Intellisense template from here.

Note: Single-clicking a template and clicking Edit also opens the template and displays the template configuration.

In this example, the Respiratory template is configured to suggest the Department as Respiratory and the Folder and Clinical Entry as filing matches. Description and Organisation are not specified. This is normal with Intellisense templates; there are separate Intellisense templates for each filing selection.

Click the IS Keywords tab to display all keywords related to this template.

In this example, "Asthma" appears in a large number of documents concerning respiratory problems, and needs adding to the IS Keyword list. Click Add Keyword and type "Asthma" into the prompt and click OK.

The keyword "asthma" is now added to this Intellisense template, and Intellisense will suggest the respiratory department as a filing match if the word is detected.

Intellisense provides further options for keyword matching when multiple keywords are in one template. You can configure the template to suggest the filing match when one or more of the words appear in a document ("any of the words can be detected"), or you can configure the template to only suggest the match if all the keywords are present in the document ("all words must be detected"). "Any of the words" is selected by default.

Click Save to retain the changes made to the template, or Cancel to revert the template back to its original state and remove the new keyword.

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