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Docman Network Drive Configuration

Ref: DM-NWD01

The Docman network drive needs to be available for Docman to access its documents and applications. This is usually (but not always) the H or N drive on a site.

Docman checks for the network drive upon startup and attempts to reconnect if it is not available. However, the drive will need mapping before a Docman client install or if Docman is unable to automatically reconnect it.

Network drive mapping issues are more likely to be due to Windows or network related problems than Docman problems. However, if Docman is unable to map the network drive, mapping the drive manually may resolve the issue.

Determining the network drive details

The easiest way to determine the network drive details is to check a working PC's configuration.

In this case, the location the drive maps to is a Shared folder on the server dm7sr08dv. The drive letter is N.

Navigate to the Computer directory on the workstation with the missing network drive and select Map Network Drive. If you are mapping a drive on a Windows XP workstation, go into the Tools drop-down menu and select Map Network Drive.

The Map network Drive window opens.

Use the Drive drop-down menu to select the correct drive letter. Type the name of the server, then the name of the folder, into the Folder text field, separated by a slash (\).

Click Finish.

The workstation connects to the network drive and places it in the Computer directory.


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